Episode 06 – Lessons I’m Learning in this Season

Episode 06 – Lessons I’m Learning in this Season

Thanks for checking out the show notes from Episode 06 and the interview we did about the things we are learning in this current season of life and ministry. If you haven’t listened to the podcast then you can always do so by going to the podcast page on this website. Again, here are the six things that Rodney mentioned he is learning right now.

  1. I am capable of so much more than I thought I could do.
  2. There is confidence that comes from knowing God has called me to this.
  3. I can learn anything.
  4. My relationships are deeper than I thought.
  5. There is strength through prayer and consistent time with God.
  6. The importance of recharging.

Join us again on Tuesday, September 19th for our next leadership interview with Greg Ford about how leaders can handle and deal with criticism in leadership.

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