Episode 14 – What Your Volunteers Want You to Know

Episode 14 – What Your Volunteers Want You to Know

Today we are excited to bring you Episode 14 of the Unthinkable Leaders Podcast as Rodney and new co-host Doug Wyatt tackle the topic of “Volunteers”. Listen in as they cover five different things that your volunteers would probably like for you, their leader, to know. We’ll list them here for you to have in front of you, but you definitely will want to listen in and hear this conversation.

Five things you can do to help your volunteers:

1. Constantly Remind Them of the Vision (not the need)
2. Give Clear Expectations
3. Take Time to Train and Invest in Them
4. Show Appreciation
5. Celebrate Wins

Once again, we’re extremely excited to have Doug Wyatt on our team. Doug is currently the Pastor over Connections and Volunteer Ministry at The Bridge Mustang Campus. You can follow Doug and learn more about him by following:

doug.wyatt on Instagram
@dougwyatt on Twitter
dougwyatt0706 on Facebook.

Join us again on Tuesday, May 20th as Rodney interviews Don Champion, The Director of The River Valley Network. In their conversation, Don shares about “The Potential in Your Leadership”.

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