Episode 16 – Guest Retention

Episode 16 – Guest Retention

Everyone who leads an organization that they are trying to grow whether it’s a non-profit or a business wants to know how to retain guests. In this podcast, Rodney and Doug talk about four things that you can do to help boost your guest experience. We’ll leave you the four keys here and also pass on the titles of some of the books that they shared, however you have to jump in and listen for yourself to get to the good stuff. Here are the four keys:

  1. Make a Great First Impression.
  2. Make People Feel Valued.
  3. Go Above and Beyond.
  4. Do Follow Up Well.

They books that Rodney and Doug mentioned that were good reads for this topic are:

  • The Power of Moments (Chip and Dan Heath)
  • Creating Magic (Lee Cockerell)
  • The Customer Rules (Lee Cockerell)
  • First Impressions (Mark Waltz)
  • Lasting Impressions (Mark Waltz)

Our next Podcast will release in just 2 weeks on Tuesday, March 19th as we have a conversation with a good friend from Imagineering, Dave Milam. Dave will be talking about his journey and about creativity in leadership. You don’t want to miss this conversation so subscribe today!

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