Episode 13 – Leaders are Readers

Episode 13 – Leaders are Readers

Episode 13 is here and it’s a fun interview with David Lermy about reading. In this podcast, David gives hope to the leader who struggles with reading by sharing bits of his own journey. Today, David is on pace to complete 82 books this year. That’s an exponential improvement from a guy who didn’t care about reading in the past. We invite you to listen in as David talks about the power of reading and how it helps you grow as a leader.

In the podcast David shared a quote from Bill Hybels that, “When a leader grows, everybody wins.” What an incredible incentive for us as leaders to grow. When we do, we help everyone around us to be better.

David encouraged us to pick a yearly topic and to read around that topic. He mentioned there are many different ways to find good books including the Goodreads app from Kindle.

He also mentioned a link to an email list of great books. You can find that list by clicking here.

We also want to remind you, don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog or leave a review on our Podcast Page on ITunes to be entered into a chance to win a free book from David.

Be sure to join us again on Tuesday, February 6th for our next podcast!

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