Episode 22 – 5 Ways I’m Recharging This Summer

Episode 22 – 5 Ways I’m Recharging This Summer

In Episode 22, Rodney told us 5 things he is intentionally doing this summer to grow and recharge. In case you would like to see those at a glance and even have some of the books and resources that he referred to we’ll list all of it here. We’re praying for you and believe for this to be the best Summer yet for you as a leader.

  1. Have a Spiritual Development Plan
  2. Have an Exercise/Health Plan
  3. Spend Time with Your Family
  4. Do something that doesn’t take any brain power (Comic Books)
  5. Find something that is a win for the Kingdom (Coaching Church Planters)

In the podcast, Rodney mentioned a couple of books. We’ve added a few others that weren’t mentioned just in case you’re looking for some good reads this Summer.

“Benefit of the Doubt” by Greg Boyd
“Killing England” by Bill O’Reilly
“Everybody Always” by Bob Goff
“Psalm 23” by Eran Holt

Join us on Tuesday, June 19th for Episode 23 about “Leading People Who Don’t Think Like You” with Preston Ulmer.

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