A Lesson from a Strong “I”

A Lesson from a Strong “I”

In this season of my life I find myself wrestling with several situations that I know I can’t control. Not only am I what they would refer to as “Type A”, but if you are familiar at all with the DISC profile for personalities, I’m a pretty strong “I”. So not only do I really like to move a little faster as a leader and make semi-quick decisions, but I also like people to be happy with me (both have their upsides while both can also be a recipe for trouble.) In this season of waiting on other people I’ve had some really awesome moments with God where He has taught me some valuable lessons (things I probably should have learned years ago but that I am learning nonetheless). So let me share those thoughts with you.

First, God is teaching me to trust Him completely. I know, I know…that is a no brainer, right? But man is it challenging! In my nature, I constantly want to make things happen. However, God is showing me that if I will trust Him that He’s got it under control. Last week, I was away on a trip hanging out with other church planters and not even in the state of Oklahoma, and somehow everything that needed to happen still was accomplished…EVEN in my absence. It was a huge encouragement to me that no matter what, God’s got this!

Secondly, I am realizing that I just need to do what I’m supposed to do.┬áNow, please hear me, this isn’t a cop-out to do nothing. However, we need to keep in mind that there are things that God can do, and then there are things that we can do. I need to do my part, and let Him take care of the rest. A great friend, Kevin Ward once said, “I continually go back to what God said to do last and I keep doing that until He says something different.” I know that I’m called to be a godly husband and father, that I’m supposed to Pastor the Oklahoma City Campus of the Bridge, and that I have an opportunity to speak into the lives of new church planters. These are things that I can do. There are things that I can’t control and those are things I have to give over to God.

AND probably the most important thing I’m learning is that in the process of all of this busyness that I have to find ways to detach, have fun, and recharge. If you have your foot on the pedal constantly and never slow down eventually you are going to run out of gas. Not only that, but at some point you’ll resent even being in the driver’s seat. Now that summer is here, something I love to do is to take my kids swimming at the city pool. There’s nothing quite like being in the warmth, getting Vitamin D, and forgetting about everything else for a few hours. What is it that recharges you? Maybe it’s dinner and a movie with your spouse. Maybe it’s a good run or bike ride with some friends. Maybe it’s reading a good book or grilling out. These are just a few of the things that recharge me and put fuel back in my tank. Things like this are vitally important to being able to continue day after day. AND of course, make sure that you daily set aside time to spend with Jesus.┬áIsaiah 40 and verse 31 says, “Those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”

So when it’s all said and done, I know this…God wants us to stay on task and make a big impact for His kingdom, but never at the expense of our hearts. You need to be refreshed daily! Even though it causes us to take time to stop, rest, and recharge – remember that it’s the wood cutter who stops to sharpen his axe who will be able to do so much more than the one who continues swinging over and over with a dull blade.

So trust in God, He’s got this. Do only what you can do, and don’t try to make things out of your control happen. Even though we don’t like to believe it, it will all function just fine without us! AND then make sure to find ways to recharge. Find the things that you enjoy doing and do them. Spend time with life-giving people, and spend time with the giver of life Himself! He’s got this!

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