Episode 02 – What is Health in an Organization? (Part One)

Episode 02 – What is Health in an Organization? (Part One)

Episode Notes:

Thank you for listening to our second episode of the Unthinkable Leaders Podcast. In today’s podcast, Rodney kicked off a teaching on what health looks like in an organization. He mentioned that a win for his leadership team is when unchurched people return to church and they feel comfortable enough to bring new people back with them. This was a goal that Rodney mentioned that his team learned from reading the book, “Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley.

Rodney also listed five things that his team measures in their local church context:

  1. When Kids Learn and Love Our Kids Ministry
  2. Worship Experience
  3. Creativity
  4. Friendliness
  5. Limited Insider Talk

Again, you can use these as examples to build on, but be sure to define what are 3-5 things that you could measure to make sure that your organization is healthy.

Rodney mentioned the teaching on, “Output verses Input factors”. We encourage you to check out Craig Groeschel’s Leadership podcast for some incredible teachings for leaders.

In this episode, Rodney and Chris mentioned three things that happen in every healthy organization (and only had time to develop the first thought). Here they are again. Healthy organizations and healthy teams…

  1. They Eat (Vision)
  2. They are Active
  3. They Reproduce

AND remember that things that are healthy grow!

Rodney also gave us the Three C’s of Vision. Here they are once again:

  1. Keep it “Clear”.
  2. Keep it “Concise”.
  3. Make it “Compelling”.

As always, we want to remind you to be sure and subscribe to the podcast so that you are set and ready for our next episode. Episode 3 will release on Tuesday, August 1st, as we conclude with part two of our teaching on, “What is Health in an Organization”.


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