Episode 08 – Keys to Better Communication

Episode 08 – Keys to Better Communication

Thanks for checking out the show notes from Episode 08 from the teaching we shared on the “Keys to Better Communication.”  If you haven’t listened to the podcast then you can always do so by going to the podcast page on this website. Again, here are the five things that Rodney mentioned will help you to be a better communicator.


  1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Prepare.
  2. Tell Stories.
  3. Be a Student.
  4. Give Others Permission to Speak to You About Your Communication.
  5. Communicate with a Goal in Mind.

Rodney also mentioned two books in this podcast. Both are incredible resources. The first book was, Talk Like TED by Gallo. The other was, Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley.

Join us again on Tuesday, October 17th for our next leadership interview with Matt Nelson from City Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma as he shares with us 5 Valuable Leadership Lessons.

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