Episode 09 – Interview with Matt Nelson

Episode 09 – Interview with Matt Nelson

Thanks for checking out the show notes from Episode 09 from our interview with Matt Nelson of City Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this podcast, Matt shared with us five Important Leadership Lessons that have helped to shape his life and leadership and have made him a better leader to follow. It’s a must listen to episode so be sure to check it out. Once again, here at a glance are the five things Matt shared with us.

1. Don’t Link Your Identity to What You Do.
2. Develop Healthy Levels of Relationship in Your Life.
3. Hold People Loosely.
4. Lead the Way in Vision for Mission and Strategy for Your Organization.
5. Build Great Leaders by Intentionally Empowering Them.

Join us again on Tuesday, November 7th for our next episode.

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